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Testing & Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a planned and systematic way to ensure the delivery of a quality solution/product. The goal of a QA is to provide assurance that a product is meeting customer’s quality expectations.

Our QA and testing services help you build in quality to your applications/products or solutions and accelerate testing to reduce the risk of software defects that could cause critical system outages affecting your operations.  Testing is essential to driving quality, productivity gains and cost savings in the application development lifecycle. Some organizations are spending as much as 25 to 50 percent of application development costs on testing without experiencing the desired results. Undetected bugs, delayed releases, regulatory non-compliance, security intrusions and customer dissatisfaction are just some consequences of inadequate testing that can hurt your bottom line and weaken your competitive edge.

Let UAO help you today.  We can be of the assistance with the specific testing projects listed below, either within the scope of an existing engagement, or as an independent engagement:

    Test Planning
    Core Testing
    Non-Functional Testing
    Performance Testing
    Globalization Testing
    Automated Testing
    Test Consulting