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Business Intelligence

Companies continuously create data whether they store it in flat files, spreadsheets or databases.  This data is extremely valuable to your business or organization. 

It’s more than just a record of what was sold yesterday, last week or last month.  It should be used to look at sales trends in order to plan marketing campaigns or to decide what resources to allocate to specific sales teams.  It should be used to analyse market trends to ensure that your products are viable in today’s marketplace.  It should be used to plan for future expansion of your business.  It should be used to analyse customer behaviour.  The bottom line is that your data should be used to maximize revenue and increase profit.

All companies produce reports from the data they collect from their business activities.  Every manager has a manager who needs reports unless you’re the CEO in which case you just need reports.

Some important questions you need to ask are:

1. How much resources (i.e. people, time, dollars) does it take to produce these reports?

2. Am I sure that the data in these reports is accurate?

3. Am I concerned with the security of these reports?

4. Am I receiving these reports in a timely manner?

If the answers to these questions are too much, no, yes, and no then you need a Business Intelligence solution.  Contact us today to help you with the proper implementation of the right solution, so you can start getting the actionable information that you need from all your data.


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