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Business & Systems Integration

Business & Systems Integration is a key factor in the operations, strategy, and competitive advantage of major corporations and organizations in a wide variety of sectors.

In the past, systems integration was confined to a technical and operations task.  Today however, systems integration is a strategic task that pervades business management not only at the technical level but also at the management and strategic levels.

In an organization that doesn't have the business processes integrated with it's systems, you typically have several disparate systems responsible for various functions which are performed in their separate silos. E.g. your order processing, invoicing, expense approvals, and fulfillment all going on without the appropriate level of collaboration with each other.  The absence of a well integrated environment creates several business challenges including: Wasted Employee Productivity - From redundancy of efforts and manual processing of tasks that could be completed automatically. Lack of Real time Visibility, and the potential for increased customer churn!

Conversely a well integrated organization (regardless of the method of integration) provides many benefits including:

  • process efficiency,
  • dramatically improved visibility,
  • significant IT time and Cost savings,
  • accelerated growth and
  • user-driven innovation (to name a few)

The UAO team is well experienced in facilitating business and systems integration engagements for our clients, and are able to help you with this issue.  Contact us today to take the next step.