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Technology Planning & Implementation

A technology plan identifies what systems and services will fulfill your organization’s mission and best meet user needs. It also provides a framework for evaluation of services and products.

The foundation of a technology plan is in the strategy of the organization. The initial steps in developing a technology plan are:

            Assess existing technology and services;

            Assess environment and client needs;

            Establish priorities.

Preparation of the plan involves the development of a short, articulate statement describing the application of technology as it is related to the fulfillment of your organizational goals. Keep in mind that technology is a tool and a means to an end, not the end itself.

Next, develop goals, objectives, and actions to accomplish your mission. Goals should be broad statements that provide the framework of the plan. Objectives should be narrower assertions of short term accomplishments, outlining specifically how and how much of a goal will be achieved. Actions should be specific, measurable activities and implementation processes.

Include a time line, budget, and evaluation mechanisms. Create a time line by setting realistic time frames for the completion of action items. Create a budget by developing a cost model and identifying cost options and funding sources. Track outcomes by identifying methods for collecting and using data to make corrections and measure how well goals, objectives, and actions are met. Evaluation methods may include focused surveys, statistical analysis, and the evaluation of measurable outcomes of activities in combination with the time line and the prioritization of goals and objectives.

The result will be a comprehensive, fully-formed technology plan that interconnects with your strategic plan, emphasizes service to the user, and can be quickly adapted to take advantage of funding opportunities. Once created, it should be used, reviewed regularly, and kept current.

UAO can be of great assistance with the development and implementation of your technology plan.

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