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Business Analysis & Planning

Business Analysis is a formalized, disciplined process for identifying, articulating and facilitating a change needed to solve a business problem or address a business opportunity.

Today, organizations face a business environment that is very volatile and constantly undergoing change.
Change can come from anywhere: the business environment, competition, legislation, customer demographics, and so on.  To survive, organizations must respond to changes quickly and efficiently or risk dire consequences

In order to effectively respond to change, organizations require the ability to identify and adapt to change.
This includes capabilities such as:

  • Identifying and analyzing the change (what happened?);
  • Identifying the real problem or opportunity (so what’s the real problem?);
  • Discovering and documenting the current state (where are we now?);
  • Identifying the desired state (where do we want to be?);
  • Developing one or more solutions (what are our options?);
  • Selecting and validating the best solution (what is the best option for us now?); and
  • Identifying the gaps and road map (how do we get there?).

 The UAO framework for Business Analysis has been optimized for Small to Medium Enterprises clients and is

  • Efficient;
  • Repeatable and Flexible; and
  • Delivers to a high quality standard.

Sample deliverables from our Business Analysis engagement(s) include Business Cases to demonstrate the ROI on specific courses of actions or implementations of specific solutions, As-Is and To-Be Process Workflows, Comprehensive Business, Functional & Technical Requirements, Recommendations on courses of actions/solutions etc. These deliverables can exist independently or serve as inputs to subsequent UAO engagements. 

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