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Mobile App Development

There are almost as many mobile phones as people in the world today (if not more), and increasing, people are relying on their mobile phones for connectivity to the internet and consumption of content.

These facts on surface value present an opportunity for most businesses, but what does it mean for you?

Apps can be traps. Or specifically, time and money pits. Yet in the increasingly app-friendly world where smartphones and web-enabled devices are essential, many businesses can reap bountiful revenues, reach new markets and garner awareness by hopping on the mobile bandwagon.

That said, a business owner shouldn’t produce any old app, nor can you just throw an app online and hope it will be found. You need to have a plan for development, and a plan for marketing/distribution. And once somebody downloads your app, it must provide value — otherwise, you can almost guarantee negative comments and feedback. In short, app development is not for the faint of heart; and this is all before you start getting into the technical details.

UAO is well positioned to assist you with your mobile development needs.  First, we help you make sure that your idea for an app will truly add the value you think it will either to your existing customer base, or to your prospective customers.  Then we help you through the technical thought process.  Should you build a native app, or utilize a mobile web kit or a hybrid approach?  We make sure you under the practical and financial implications of which approach you consider.  Finally we actually deliver the app for you!

Let UAO be your mobile app partner today.

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