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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data is the only asset that a business can have that, if lost, cannot be replaced. As a business owner, your emails, office documents, customer lists and CRM databases etc represent years of work.

When these systems are experiencing an outage your business comes to a halt and employees cannot perform simple job functions.  A successfully implemented data backup and recovery solution will prevent the debilitating effects of any outages.

UAO has a framework which ensures the implementation of a data backup solution  that is automated, flexible and easy to test to ensure accurate data restoration and recovery. Data back-up is not a "set it and forget it" process. Making sure the back-up is capturing the appropriate information, setting the correct interval frequency and periodically reviewing retention times are critical to a successful solution.

Another critical factor is finding the right balance between the amount of data you can afford to lose and your backup frequencies, known as Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Creating a Recovery Time Objective (RTO), the time frame for getting the data recovered and network operational after a disaster, is the consequence of this factor.

The UAO framework includes thinking through some of questions listed below, and incorporating the response into the overall solution:

    What are the proper backup frequency and the retention intervals?
    Is there a need to perform bare-metal system recovery?
    What are the correct Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?
    What is the importance of capturing Exchange files, databases and open files?
    What is the growth rate, number of users and business application usage and is the solution scalable?
    How critical is security and encryption for local and/or off-site storage?
    What regulations and compliances does your industry require around data archiving and security?
    What is the need to save data off desktops/laptops and other managed devices?

Ultimately, our backup services and Recovery solutions are designed specifically to each organization's requirements. UAO talks with customers to gain an understanding of the critical applications they are running, the amount of data to backup and the system resources required to deliver a proper RTO and RPO. After the backup solution has been deployed a data integrity test is conducted to ensure successful recovery of system services, database structure and individual files. Contact UAO today to eliminate the risk of a system outage and loss of data.