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UAO 'Paper to Digital' Solution

Every time a piece of paper is a vital part of any business process, it represents an inefficiency that has a direct cost associated with it!  Whether it be the cost of the printing, the time cost to access the paper, or the cost to store/archive the piece of paper, these costs can ultimately be staggering!

As an example of the costs involved with paper, an average four drawer cabinet costs $25,000 to fill, and costs $2,000 per year to maintain, and it can cost up to 31 times the original cost to send information on paper.

The UAO paper to digital solution is designed to alleviate the costs and inefficiencies that paper introduces to various businesses and organizations.  The UAO solution addresses the issue by not only tackling the issue of an existing paper archive, but additionally providing a sustainable path going forward.  The sustainability is delivered through the re-engineering of the workflows to eliminate/minimize the paper, and incorporate digital capabilities.

The solution takes advantage of cloud services to drastically reduce the amount of capital expenditure a business/organization would have to make prior to deployment.  Additionally, the flexibility to ensure that content/information is now accessible with ease from any desired device is incorporated into the solution.  Finally, the security to ensure that the wrong eyes/hands don't have access to information they shouldn't, while still providing varying degrees of access (e.g. from the file level to the folder level etc) to the right individuals is a key component of this solution.

The solution is applicable to a variety of industries; Law Firms, Charter Schools, Home Health Firms, CPA Firms etc.  Contact us today to figure out how this solution can address your needs.


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