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UAO Communications Management System

The benefits and uses of mass electronic communications (including e-mail, websites, and listservs) are quite extensive to your business/organization. In particular, e-mail is a powerful electronic communication tool when it is used effectively.

The UAO Communications Manager provides the following basic features:

List Management Utilities - Makes sure you have ways to add, remove and change email addresses by hand and a simple means to export your list regularly for back ups and use in other systems.

Automatic Unsubscribe - Makes sure your constituents can unsubscribe themselves (for instance, by clicking on a link in their email) without going through you. You’re required by law to remove those who request it – don’t run the risk that one of your staff members overlooks an unsubscribe request

Solid Deliverability - Whether or not your emails are considered as spam depends on a lot of things, but the history and actions of your emailing vendor are a major factor.

HTML and Text Versions - If you plan to send HTML emails (to allow text formatting or images) you will also need a way to send the text version for those people whose programs can’t read the HTML.

Test Emails - It should be easy to send test emails to your own test email accounts, to check formatting, links, and whether it hits the spam filter.

Documentation and Support - Regardless of other features selected, you’ll need a solid understanding of how to use them.

Additionally, such advanced features as:
Website Integration, Campaign Based/Consecutive Send Workflow, Subscriptions Management, Click-Through Tracking (CTT), Data Integration with other systems, Deep Link Tracking, Custom Reporting, Surveys and many more.

As opposed to other solutions that are priced according to the size of your list on a monthly recurring basis, the UAO tool is available for an inexpensive one-time fee, and you own it completely.

Contact us today to discuss how this tool can be deployed for your use.