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UAO 'Continuum of Care'

Corrections needs a new paradigm!  For the longest time, the attitude towards corrections was “lock up the bad guys, and throw away the key”. Eventually it became apparent that it was not fiscally sustainable to keep building prisons and housing individuals in them, generating a change in thinking. 

Applying a continuum of care approach within a correctional system would solve the challenges of the current paradigm, and will maximize programming’s effects on recidivism. It would coordinate and link evaluations, programs and resources for an inmate across all facilities and levels of care. So once an inmate is evaluated and a programming plan is established, all information about the success or failure of his programs, modifications and the resources for the programs he participates in follow the inmate to whatever facility or level of care he goes to (even post-release), until he gets to a state of true rehabilitation (or leaves the criminal justice system).

The UAO Continuum Solution focuses on the People, Processes and Technology necessary to implement the continuum of care; delivering a full systematic solution that can be rapidly deployed.  By incorporating the key elements in the criminal justice system – from the Judges to Parole/Probation – the UAO solution provides a framework for an end-to-end continuum of care through which all rehabilitative programs for inmates can be delivered.

Deploying the solution for a correctional system, involves a work-flow redesign and an underlying system to provide real-time access to all the pertinent data on the inmates’ progress.  The data management system improves the efficiency with which the continuum operates by drastically limiting all processes that require manual interventions and providing the ability to make faster and smarter decisions.
Municipalities and state departments of corrections can use the UAO continuum of care solution and benefit from the ability to:

  • Reduce the recidivism rate
  • Improve workflow and maximize efficiency.
  • Improve co-operation and communication between the various agencies of the criminal justice system.
  • Minimize time-to-market.
  • Facilitate centralized access to inmate data across the criminal justice system.
  • Realize cost savings.

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