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Electronic payment is very convenient for the consumer. In most cases, you only need to enter your account information -- such as your credit card number and shipping address -- once. The information is then stored in a database on the business/organization's server(s).

The benefits and uses of mass electronic communications (including e-mail, websites, and listservs) are quite extensive to your business/organization. In particular, e-mail is a powerful electronic communication tool when it is used effectively.

Every time a piece of paper is a vital part of any business process, it represents an inefficiency that has a direct cost associated with it!  Whether it be the cost of the printing, the time cost to access the paper, or the cost to store/archive the piece of paper, these costs can ultimately be staggering!

Corrections needs a new paradigm!  For the longest time, the attitude towards corrections was “lock up the bad guys, and throw away the key”. Eventually it became apparent that it was not fiscally sustainable to keep building prisons and housing individuals in them, generating a change in thinking. 

We offer Managed IT Services to support your organization through all phases and uses of technology.  We focus on the  technology so you can focus on the tasks of running your business.